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Our Programs

Choose a program based on your fitness goals. Gain muscle, lose weight and build strength with AnyTimeFitnessStar programs. We have workouts to achieve all your fitness goals.

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Muscle Gain

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Do you love to bulk up? Then, start your training with our muscle gain programs and target the areas where you want to bulk up.

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Weight Loss

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Choose our weight loss programs, stay motivated, and maximize your weight loss. Now is the time to tone your body.

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Build Strength

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Looking for strength training programs? Reach your body’s full power with our strength programs. Set new limits.

Maximize Your Workouts & Reach Your Fitness Goals

In order to achieve any of your fitness goals, you need to be consistently sticking to the workout programs. Need to know how? Keeping your workout time interesting is easy with our various programs! Discover the workouts that motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

It’s so convenient to find all the workouts you need in one place. Sign up and get instant access to our categorized workout collection.

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