Sleek Membership Infrastructure for
ChatGPT plugins

Add turbocharging login, gated content, and payments, just 10x faster.
Turn months of work into a task as simple as copying and pasting one line of code.
Onboard, verify, and charge users of any platform with Eartho SDK.
For all code developers and no-code developers.

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Simple, transparent pricing

No surprise fees.

How to start work with Eartho.
No extra steps

In Creators Dashboard, add your project, and create access points

Access points can be for login button, premium package, premium content or special space in your product

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Integrate Eartho into your app

Read our docs for quick start of 3 steps. With Eartho's One SDK, you can easily connect users to your app from all social networks and wallets.

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Integrate Eartho into your server (Optional)

If you use Eartho One with an app or site that communicates with a backend server, you can protect your routes easily by our SDK as well, or managing the users on your own server

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Keep Track.

Keep tracking after your app with our advanced analytics platform, get the right decisions and find the answers you are looking for

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Universal Membership Solution

Built for Scale

Our systems can support billions of api calls, and can manage unlimited users and transactions.
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Give your visitors experience they love.

  • We protect your users from being tracked
  • Details are safely saved for future use
  • They are free to use whatever platforms they want.
  • High-converting experience with a top-rated UI
“Use @Eartho . I promise you, all other paths
end in tears. It's very, very rough”.

Eric Tunner, CEO & Founder

"We replaced 37,000 lines of code with ~50 lines of @Eartho integration. I'm not a part-time login & subscription engineer anymore”.

Mike T
CEO & Founder
Question 1

How Eartho Authentication is free?

Eartho authentication is free and always will be. We earn from others services of Eartho ecosystem. More than that, if you still have concerns, our product can easily be integrated with other services, and still gives you all the benefits we offer with other backend solutions.
You can store your data on Google, for example, and still enjoy our solution.

Question 2

Why should I trust Eartho with my users?

We also implement proactive security measures for your projects such as password breach detection, using a huge database of leaked passwords, and brute-force attack detection. Automated rate-limiting checks and denial of service mitigation procedures are also in place.

Question 3

What happens if I stop using Eartho? How do I know my user's data is safe?

Your data is safe as long as it’s stored in our servers. You can easily build a system to store your users in other solutions like google cloud.

Question 4

Do I need a credit card to get started?

Nope! You can start using Eartho with your app on the Free plan without a credit card.