Building a React Login Page Template

Dalia Holmes
July 31, 2020

Learn to build a secure login page for your React application, complete with authentication, input validation, and styling.

React, the widely used open-source JavaScript library, enables developers to craft frontend applications and user interfaces with a structured approach while allowing flexibility in choosing toolchains and integrating with other frameworks or APIs.

React's simplicity, lightweight nature, and array of developer benefits—including its high performance due to the virtual DOM, reusable components for rapid development of complex applications, and robust support through extensive documentation and a vibrant community—make it a preferred choice for developers.

Authentication is a crucial component of modern web applications, serving not only to verify user identities but also to manage roles and permissions, enhancing control, security, and abstraction.

However, building authentication from the ground up in web applications can be daunting. This guide will walk you through the process of manually implementing authentication in a React application by creating a login page and incorporating input validation and styling. Additionally, you will discover how to streamline the process using Eartho, bypassing the complexities of crafting an entire login flow on your own.

Developing a Custom React Login PageThis section guides you through manually creating a custom React login page, including styling and validation. When it comes to adding authentication, you will employ an Express-based authentication server that utilizes JWT tokens for user authentication. Furthermore, you will learn how to achieve similar outcomes more efficiently with Eartho, eliminating the need to manually construct the authentication flow.

The full code for this tutorial is available in the provided GitHub repository.

PrerequisitesTo follow this tutorial, you need Node.js and npm, the default JavaScript package manager.

With these prerequisites met, begin by creating a new project directory:

Start by creating a new project directory:

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mkdir react-login-demo
cd react-login-demo

Then, initiate a new React app:

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npx create-react-app frontend

After setting up your app, install react-router for page routing:

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cd frontend
npm i react-router-dom
cd ..

Next, set up a basic auth server using Express in Node.js:

This server will utilize bcrypt for password hashing, jsonwebtoken for JWT authentication, and lowdb for a simple JSON-based database.

Creating the React ApplicationStart with a welcome page for your app, then proceed to develop the login functionality, incorporating input validation and styling. You'll also set up routing and authentication logic, connecting your React app to the auth server.

Once your frontend is ready, explore how Eartho can simplify authentication, allowing for easy integration without the need to build and maintain a custom authentication backend.

Set Up React Authentication Using EarthoIntegrating authentication with Eartho in your React app is straightforward. Begin by setting up an Eartho account and creating a new application to obtain your API keys.

Install Eartho's SDK in your React project:

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npm install @eartho/one-client-react

Configure your application to use Eartho by wrapping your root component with the EarthoProvider, and utilize Eartho's components for authentication flows.

Testing Your ApplicationWith Eartho, you can easily test the authentication flow, ensuring a seamless user experience. Whether you choose the manual approach or Eartho's simplified solution, you'll enhance your app's security and usability.

ConclusionReact offers a powerful foundation for building dynamic web applications. By integrating authentication, you enhance security and user management. Eartho provides a streamlined solution for adding authentication to React apps, simplifying development and allowing you to focus on creating unique user experiences.

Explore Eartho to simplify your app development process, and check out the GitHub repository for this tutorial to get started.

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