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Unlimited Plan, Free.


Unlimited Users - Free
Pre-built UI components - Free
All social logins, no integration needed - Free
Multi-factor auth (SMS, TOTP, backup codes) - Free
Emails to users upon joining/leaving - Free (Limited)
Webhooks - Free (Limited)


Allowlist / blocklist - Free
User Roles, Groups & Permissions - Free
Verify Phone, IDs & more - Free
Protect Backend Routes - Free
Webhooks - Free (Limited)


One Time Payments - Stripe fees from overall earnings
Recurring Payments - Stripe fees from overall earnings
Webhooks - Free (Limited)


Your Questions Answered

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to all your  questions about access and the Eartho platform.

How do you manage to offer your services for free? Other providers charge $20,000 a month for serving 1 million users with fewer features.

As you can see, we cater to both members and developers, unlike other services. We aim to connect the internet and make things smoother for everyone by supporting both members and developers. We generate revenue from users who continue using Eartho, make payments through our platform, and subscription to premium features that will be added on top of the free base package.

We provide our services to developers for free because it benefits us as well. While there are fees for using Stripe for payments, these fees are not additional. they are the same as Stripe's standard fees.

Free Forever?

Absolutely! Eartho authentication is free to use and always will be.

Who are you? Can you share details about the team

Sure! We are a small group of friends originally from Israel. Eartho Inc. is based in Delaware, USA. Join us on Discord and say hello!

Trusting Eartho with User Data

Security is our top priority. We employ robust measures to safeguard your projects, including:
Password Breach Detection:
We verify user passwords against a vast database of compromised credentials.
Brute-Force Attack Protection:
Techniques are in place to prevent unauthorized access attempts.
Rate Limiting & DoS Mitigation:
Automated checks and procedures ensure smooth operation and prevent denial-of-service attacks.

Can I migrate my existing user data from platforms like Firebase Auth or Auth0 to Eartho?

Yes, you can typically migrate user data from other authentication platforms to Eartho. You would need to speak with our sales team.

User Data Security After Leaving Eartho

Your user data remains secure as long as it's stored on our servers. However, you can readily export your user data and store it in alternative solutions like Google Cloud.

Am I able to leave Eartho if I change my mind?

Yes, you can leave Eartho if you regret joining. We will provide a file that contain all the information you need to move to any platform.

Credit Card Required?

No credit card is needed! You can launch your app using Eartho's Free plan without any upfront costs.