Eartho One vs Firebase Auth - Which one is better

Morgan Foster

There are a few key reasons to choose Eartho over Firebase Auth when it comes to authentication and authorization for your web or mobile app.

One thing it's important to understand is the Firebase Auth is second level and Eartho One is third level. What it means that the complexity is way more easier with Eartho One than firebase. you can use Eartho One based on firebase auth if you would like to do so, this the key that that we built everything for you, and you all choose the where you want it to be.

First, Eartho provides a more robust and customizable user authentication experience than Firebase Auth. With Eartho, you get fully ready high converting ui experience and the ability to add social login providers such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Github, Twitter or LinkedIn with no extra integration, you don't need to open accounts there and read a lot of documentation to make it happen. Firebase Auth, on the other hand, only provides a basic email/password login option with social login that you need to setup by yourself.

Second, Eartho offers a much richer feature set than Firebase Auth. With Eartho, you can take advantage of features like multi-factor authentication, passwordless login, single sign-on, and more. Firebase Auth only provides basic email/password authentication out of the box.

Third, Eartho integrates with a wide variety of third-party applications and services, whereas Firebase Auth only integrates with a handful of Google products. This means that you can use Eartho to authenticate users with your app, and then use those same credentials to log them into other apps and services that you use.
Finally, Eartho is a more scalable solution than Firebase Auth. Eartho can handle millions of users with ease, whereas Firebase Auth starts to struggle at around 100,000 users.
All in all, Eartho is a more comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solution than Firebase Auth when it comes to authentication and authorization for your web or mobile app.