Top 5 Social Logins For Your App 2025

Morgan Foster

There are many benefits to using social logins for your website. By allowing users to login with their existing social media accounts, you can make the login process much simpler and more convenient for them. This can lead to more user engagement and conversions on your site.In addition, social logins can also help you to collect valuable data about your users. This data can be used to better understand your target audience and to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.Overall, social logins are a great way to make your website more user-friendly and to collect valuable data about your visitors. If you’re not already using social logins on your site, we recommend that you consider doing so.

There are few ways to implement it manually , add it one by one to your website, which can take a lot of time, or use Eartho One. Eartho One is a solution for your website, with one integration you get the ability to receive users from all type of social logins, wallets and more.

Instead of writing so much code for each social login type, you can use Eartho One and get the ability to use social logins with one simple integration.Social logins are important for websites because:

• They make the login process simpler and more convenient for users

• They can help you to collect valuable data about your users

• They can make your website more user-friendly

And this just the start, Eartho One let you also receive payments from your users to give them better access to things they want on your website without the hassle of a long and complicated registration process, and for you without all the integration with the payments system which can take days.

How is work?

This document describes how to complete a basic Eartho integration in web app.

With Eartho's One SDK, you can easily connect users to your app from all social networks and wallets. Once you've integrated your app with Eartho, you'll be connected to the network, which means that all our members are now part of you as well, and our users will be able to use your website seamlessly and without barriers.