Introducing Eartho: Your untraceable gateway to apps

Discover seamless access to apps, services, and everyday essentials with Eartho. Sign in using your favorite social network and transact with any payment method.

Our platform prevents unauthorized data collection by Big Tech companies, ensuring that your digital identity remains solely in your hands

Safeguard Your Privacy Against Data Collection

With Eartho, Big Tech cannot track the services you use or monitor your activities.
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Unlock a Universe of Services with Eartho

  • Experience boundaryless connectivity and privacy control with Eartho's Universal Access. Eartho's Universal Access lets you connect to any online service or app from anywhere in the world. All the while, it keeps your digital information safe.

Prioritized Privacy.
Online privacy made redefined.

  • Today, whenever you use the social login button, your data is being collected. Your privacy matters, and we believe in putting you in control. With our platform, you can take charge of your online presence and safeguard your personal information.

    Say goodbye to intrusive data collection and hello to a safer, more private online experience.
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Unifying Payments: Simplify Transactions with Eartho

  • Streamline your digital experiences with Eartho's integrated secure payment functionality. Conduct transactions smoothly within your favorite apps without worrying about data security. Embrace the simplicity of unified payments with Eartho, your passport to a safer, more convenient online world.

Keep using the apps you love

  • With Eartho, enjoy enhanced privacy and security without changing your app usage habits. No migration is needed, simply continue using your favorite apps as usual while we provide the added layer of protection. It's your digital life, only safer.

Take control of your data, manage it all in one place.

  • In an increasingly connected world, taking control of your data has never been more important. With our innovative solution, you can effortlessly manage and protect all your valuable information from various sources in one convenient location. Say goodbye to data fragmentation and security concerns; embrace the future of data management with confidence.

For Developers: Power Your Solutions with Eartho

Join a thriving global community driving the future of digital interaction. Integrate Eartho into your platforms for streamlined, secure access. Contribute to our vision, enhance your solutions. Ready to start your Eartho journey?